Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dating Advice

How can I stop myself from shaking on a first date?

Jake asked:
Last night I went on a date and I kept shaking. At first I thought maybe I was cold, but it definitely wasn’t that. It’s really embarrassing, how can I stop it from happening?

  • take deep breaths and remember ur in charge

  • depending on how fast you go to a first date >
talk to her in person first alot and get to know her before you go on a first date it might help

  • Just think about your girl/guy. If you truly love them, it will all go away. And be yourself. If you shake, then you can’t help it. You’ll get used to them and going on a date.

  • maybe u were nervous , relax , take deep breaths , and don’t worry about anything else but the date

  • it’s very important that you are in charge of everything, don’t be so fast on the first date, cause most of the girl knows the aspect of their boy friends on the first dates… so start with a normal conversation, then ask her for a walk, in the middle of the way get her hands and make her to feel comfortable and then let it go on. believe me, it’s so simple

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