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Join Korean dating service for free and you can create a profile with photos, browse profiles of other members, view emails from other members, and save members to your “hotlist” of favorite members. A free Korean membership requires you to complete a short registration form. It should only take you 5-15 minutes.

If you decide that you would like to initiate contact with another member, you’ll want to convert to a paid membership. Korean dating service offers 2 levels of membership – Silver and Gold. Silver members can send emails to other members, perform advanced searches for other members, get a personalized list of suggested members, get faster approval on their photos, and have their listing show up above those of unpaid members. Gold members get all the Silver benefits, plus can they get up to 60 days more mail storage, they show up at the top of all listings and searches, they get faster email and tech support, and they get the most advance search capabilities. Both Silver and Gold members can choose to pay extra to allow standard members to contact them and/or to get their search listing highlighted with color to make it more prominent.

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Jewish FriendFinder

Jewish FriendFinder is fast becoming the largest online Jewish dating personals site with over 400,000 registered members. The site offers features specific to Jewish culture, like questions about diet and orthodoxy, and frequency of religious service attendance.

The Leading Personals Network for Jewish Singles.

Jewish single dating online free trial

Setting up your membership is easy and comes at no cost to you. Then you can start browsing the Jewish online dating web site.

When you set up your profile make sure you upload your photo for a much better experience during your trail period. Jewish singles that upload a photo onto their personal ad receive up to 20 times more messages than those singles without a photo. This is important when you're on your trial because if you don't upload your photo, and then you don't get contacted by any Jewish singles you'll give up on something that can change your life.

You can start receiving messages from other Jewish singles as soon as you first set up your profile.

You can also...

  • Make friends in the Jewish chat rooms
  • Send instant messages
  • Upload a video greeting
  • View part of other Jewish singles profiles

You will only be able to see part of the profiles while using your trial service at Jewish Friendfinder, but this is more than enough to help you decide on whether this is the Jewish dating service for you. When you upgrade you will get full view of all the profiles at this Jewish online dating web site.

Upgrading will also give you faster searches that will be more prioritized in their results.

Jewish Chat rooms

You can use the Jewish chat rooms as a non-paying member. Most online dating web sites require your payment before real contact. Turning this into a real benefit.

You have a number of chat rooms to use. Ranging from a general chat rooms to a room to chat rooms where you can kvetch and moan and pray something gets better.


Jewish Friendfinder have a Flash instant message center.
Interact with other members as well with the Jewish Friendfinder magazine.
"Hot list"- enables you to save a list of 200 other Jewish singles. You will be able to save more names in your list as soon as you upgrade your membership.

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Millionaire Mate

How to Date a Millionaire

Is there anybody on the planet who has not wondered what it would be like to date a millionaire? Ah, the houses, luxury cars, vacations and more that you could enjoy! What a great fantasy. It doesnt have to just be a daydream, though. You just have to know how to date a millionaire. Really, its not as complicated as you may think.

Believe it or not, theres no big, ancient secret that you need to discover in order to give yourself the chance to meet a rich date potential. Much of it is a matter of attitude. Are you a positive and confident person? If you are, you have a great start. If not, you may want to work on those attributes. No one feels attracted to a constantly negative and insecure person for long, not even the wealthy. Besides, if you are already an unhappy person, rich dating is not going to change that. Thats just common sense. So, the first easy step is to have the right attitude and know that you definitely deserve a date, even with a rich person.

When learning how to date a millionaire, its good to take inventory of your dating assets. What do you believe are your best personality traits, talents and physical features? Sort out which things youre happy with about yourself, and which areas you think could use some improving. Then play up your best features in a confident (not arrogant) way. Confidence is classy and sexy.

For those things that you believe could use some work, put a plan or program in place to start turning them into assets for your dating portfolio. Youll feel better about yourself for doing so, and that will add to your glow of self-confidence.

Anyone is going to prefer a date who is intelligent, interesting, confident and fun. If you feel you need to, perhaps you can take courses, develop a latent talent, or work on your self-esteem. The effort you put into making your life fuller in these areas will benefit you tremendously, regardless of your dating activity.

The next thing you need to do is to connect with the millionaires. There are several sites that cater to dating for the rich. Dating For Rich People is a good one that screens their wealthy applicants. Once you find a site you like, create a killer profile and start gaining exposure with rich date potentials. If you carry yourself well, youll be receiving communications in no time.

The opening paragraph mentioned that it is not complicated to learn how to date a millionaire. In fact, its quite easy and not any different than if you were dating a poor person. Get happy with yourself and your life then get out there into the dating world of the wealthy. You really can turn that fantasy into reality. Start today.

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Dating Advice

How can I stop myself from shaking on a first date?

Jake asked:
Last night I went on a date and I kept shaking. At first I thought maybe I was cold, but it definitely wasn’t that. It’s really embarrassing, how can I stop it from happening?

  • take deep breaths and remember ur in charge

  • depending on how fast you go to a first date >
talk to her in person first alot and get to know her before you go on a first date it might help

  • Just think about your girl/guy. If you truly love them, it will all go away. And be yourself. If you shake, then you can’t help it. You’ll get used to them and going on a date.

  • maybe u were nervous , relax , take deep breaths , and don’t worry about anything else but the date

  • it’s very important that you are in charge of everything, don’t be so fast on the first date, cause most of the girl knows the aspect of their boy friends on the first dates… so start with a normal conversation, then ask her for a walk, in the middle of the way get her hands and make her to feel comfortable and then let it go on. believe me, it’s so simple

Asia FriendFinder

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